About Appomattox Coffee Company

Appomattox Coffee Company was founded in 2020 by J. Elias Norwood, a coffee enthusiast who spent many years in the coffee capitol of the world, Seattle, Washington. Appomattox Coffee offers a large and wide-ranging variety of coffee blends and roasts to satisfy your desire. From us, you will get satisfyingly rich, powerful, and smooth coffee flavors. You can buy it by the bag, or you can also purchase our single serve cups. For all those coffee lovers living in the U.S., we will ship our coffee to you for free! Appomattox Coffee Company is owned and operated by Tuskegee Coffee LLC, headquartered in the Charlotte, NC area.

Where Our Story Began...

Meet the Face of Appomattox Coffee

In Our Founders Own Words...  It Started in Seattle...


"I spent part of my early life in the home of Starbucks, the Seattle, Washington area, that is where my love for coffee began. Starbucks was part of my life on many of days growing up, and I was always inspired by their story and humble beginnings. I grew up with a Mom who loved her coffee, and still does. That love of coffee has certainly rubbed off on me. 

I wanted to create a coffee company that was not only a coffee company, but a company that could be a force for good in the community. That is why I chose the name Appomattox. That name goes back to 1865, to the small town of Appomattox, Virginia, a place where freedom rose and a new era began, a force for good. That is reflected in our logo and our spirit. It is that story which inspires us every day. Good triumphs over evil.

That story also inspires us to be compassionate, understanding, to come together with a common purpose, and of course, to share our coffee with you." 

When you buy Appomattox Coffee, you are giving to great causes that are dedicated to humanitarian & disaster relief, racial justice + equality, as well as fighting hunger. 5% of our profits will be donated to nonprofits and organizations that support our goals in the One Coffee Together (#OneCoffeeTogether) initiative.

"We are coffee lovers and we believe in making sure we have high quality coffee for your every sip, giving you a little of heaven and hope."

Thank you for choosing Appomattox Coffee!

J. Elias Norwood, Founder/CEO